Walking With Dickens iPhone App

May 28, 2013

This iPhone app came to life from a collaboration between Scout London, Christian Lewcock and renowned historian Richard Jones. I was in charge of all designs and UX, and worked very closely with Christian to produce this app in a matter of days.

The app takes you on a tour round Dickensian London, highlighting landmarks and points of interest along the way (as well as a few carefully chosen pubs and cafes too of course, in case you need ye olde refreshment).

It features a skinned Google map, and the visual language of aging paper and literature. A cross between a guided tour and a treasure hunt, the app and the walk come highly recommended…

Excellent *****
by Lotte-P86
Love it so much. Me and my friend had a really nice day walking around and following the map on the app.

PS: iPhone users can take a look here (as you can always explore the app without being on location).