Silverstone Touchscreen

July 9, 2008

The first Touchscreen commission for Proudspark. Working closely with Mosaic Brighton, who designed the product, this was a breakthrough kiosk celebrating 60 years of history at the famous Silverstone racetrack.

I was consulted not only in the design of the interactions and animation, but also in sourcing the gorgeous Troll Touch Screen from Los Angeles, which is based on a 24″ iMac. Troll Touch were great at delivering this iMac in perfect condition, and it was a pleasure to use. Built using Flash, the software was installed onto the iMac, then delivered on a portable unit that just needed to be plugged in and switched on.

It now resides in the Silverstone Visitor Centre, where it collects user contact information using PHP technology, as well as entertaining visitors with the colourful history of Silverstone. Content is also kept up-to-date without leaving the Visitor Centre by using remote access to make any required updates.

PS: you can see a live working version of the kiosk in your browser here. As long as you have Flash enabled anyway.