Scout London Magazine

May 8, 2013

Ahhhh, Scout London. An exciting and bold start-up that dared to enter the free magazine space in London. It delivered brilliant editorial on a weekly basis and received many accolades far and wide for it’s design and attitude. Essentially a lifestyle and entertainment publication, it focused on a London that was bustling, contemporary and original, covering listings and events for Art & Culture, Comedy, Film, Food & Drink, Music, Shopping, Small Screen and Theatre.

I was involved in the crafting of the brand from the outset, and in designing all layouts and the look and feel of the magazine. Furthermore, it was brought to life by a workflow that was designed to be incredibly efficient. So efficient in fact, that we had a core team of two in editorial, and two in design putting out a 56 page magazine of original and creative content every week. We were supported by the founder, who wasn’t afraid to pitch in and write articles, and by an incredible team of external freelancers, illustrators and photographers, many of which I hope to work with again.

Take a look for yourself at the last Scout London (which, along with the ten previous issues, I designed single-handedly)…

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