Numicon Software for Interactive Whiteboard

September 30, 2010

Numicon Software 2.0 is a breakthrough product that enables teachers and pupils to engage with modern Interactive White Boards by creating a fun environment that helps the youngsters visualise numbers and counting systems.

Commissioned directly by Numicon, Proudspark was bought in to update the product considerably from it’s previous iteration. The update to 2.0 included the use of multiple object manipulation and rotation, a drawing mode with colour palette and eraser for drawing directly onto the IWB, and a vastly improved user interface, also designed by Proudspark.

The interactive content is designed to be projected large in a classroom, and enables teachers to demonstrate basic (and more advanced) counting concepts to children of different ages. The movement and manipulation of the shapes and number objects can be controlled by the teacher from a laptop, or by the children engaging with the IWB directly. They can directly move the numbers and shapes around on the screen with their fingers.

The product was a big success in schools and was subsequently bought by Oxford University Press.

Find out more about the project by following this link. You can also watch a demonstration video of the IWB in use.

PS: if you have Flash enabled, you can try this project for yourself here. After the splash screen, click on “Menu” and explore from there.